Automatic Sliding Track Archive Shelf closet

The automatic sliding track archive shelf is located in the collection of sliding track archive shelf. The movement of this type of shelving is powered by electricity. By utilizing electricity, an electric motor replaces the gearbox in the mechanical assist sliding track archive system, allowing the movement of the sliding track shelf to be done through the electronic board and panel installed on the shelf. Moreover, it can be said that without the intervention of human physical force, all units are brought into motion solely through the transfer of alternating current electric power. This method has many advantages, including increased work speed and greater safety compared to other archiving methods. For example, the speed of operation in lockfile carousel cabinet or sliding track archive shelf and similar types varies significantly.

Features of Automatic Sliding Track Archive Shelf

So far, we have become acquainted with the first method of working with the automatic system, but this product from Poomar Company has more features and capabilities and provides access to various items such as folders, lever arch files, and so on through different methods. The second method for moving the automatic sliding track shelf is using remote control. For this purpose, a remote control system is provided for the product, enabling the user to access the archive without the need to get up from their seat.


Sliding track shelves have a significant impact on improving document management and organization. Additionally, it can be said that automatic sliding track archive shelves economize energy and electricity by having intelligent lighting in each aisle. Each thermal sensor in the aisles sends a signal to the central board upon the entry of each user, which triggers the lighting packages located in the top panel to illuminate the aisle. To display the contents of the sliding track shelf, graphic displays are placed on them to show the status inside the aisles. A panel for entering the code is placed on each aisle, providing high security for document preservation. The access code is changeable, and if necessary, the code can be altered, limiting access to information and documents.


These systems are designed in such a way that in case of a power outage, releasing the clutch allows easy movement and access to documents by moving the aisles. In organizations and establishments, the best choice for storage, along with increasing storage space and ensuring rapid access, is the use of automatic sliding track shelves.


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 Features of the Automatic Sliding Track Archive Shelf


The body and all components of this system are designed to be connected by screws and nuts, allowing for the extension of length, width, and height to the shelves.


Air circulation system

Standard archive shelves are equipped with an air circulation system that increases the lifespan of documents.



One of the key components of this system is the handle of the automatic sliding track shelf units, which is primarily used to move the smart shelves. Handles are usually made of various materials such as aluminum, steel, and compressed plastic. It is worth noting that aluminum handles have high resistance to impact, making it easy to move units using them.


Smart lighting system

For optimal energy consumption, lamps are used in conjunction with special sensors to detect the entry and exit of individuals. When a person enters the aisle, the necessary lighting for the user is activated and automatically turned off upon exit.



By utilizing embedded panels on the units, the desired unit can easily be activated and the desired aisle opened with a push of a button. This electronic process allows all shelves to move together.



Document placement in this system is defined in such a way that by entering the file number based on the defined code, the exact location of the desired sequence can be found and its image displayed on the monitor screen with animation. This increases document access speed by 2 to 3 times.


Remote control

For better system efficiency, a remote control is used to easily open the unit containing the desired lever arch file from a distance by entering the file number.


Benefits of Using Automatic Sliding Track Archive Shelf

  • Monitoring files through installed panels
  • Locking the entire storage system and removing them from the system
  • Searching for any file using barcode, file number, person’s name, and other information provided for the file
  • Ability to use city electricity and low energy consumption
  • Panel-based displacement of storage system
  • Connectivity to computers for access
  • Automatic lighting system among all aisles
  • Restricting access of users and experts to document content by defining access levels
  • Document optimization
  • Document copying capability
  • Reduction of gas and energy costs
  • Decrease in ongoing costs like electricity due to the presence of smart lighting boards
  • Increase in search speed
  • Reduction in human resources needed for document circulation