After-Sales Services

Repair and Maintenance of Archive Shelf

The repair and maintenance services of the archive system at Poomar Company include a comprehensive inspection of installed components and continuous monitoring of the overall performance of the sliding track archive system after installation and commissioning.

Periodic Inspection of Archive Shelf

Periodic inspection of the archive shelf at Poomar Company is carried out in a way that if the desired product encounters possible defects during operation, the customer can address potential issues by contacting the relevant expert or arranging for the presence of the desired expert.

After-Sales Services for Archive Shelf

Selling products is not the ultimate goal of Poomar Company; it begins with a commitment to providing after-sales services for products such as sliding track archive shelves and other products

Assembly and Disassembly of Shelf and Archiving Equipment

Sliding track archive shelves have a long lifespan but are easily removable and can be reassembled if necessary. Additionally, products from Poomar Company are designed to be easily moved and installed.

6-Month Gold Warranty for Archive Shelf

If any damage occurs to the sliding track archive shelves within 6 months after installation and commissioning, Poomar Company will repair the product free of charge and replace parts if needed.

1-year warranty for Archive Shelf

The one-year replacement warranty (including silver warranty) at Poomar Company includes installation and startup training, one-year technical support, receiving training and updates, and problem resolution if needed.