Library Fixed Shelf

The side panels of the library fixed shelf can be made of different types of dark and light metal, MDF, and melamine-faced chipboard, so that its outer part resembles a traditional wooden library fixed shelf but its inner part is made of metal. The library fixed shelf has its own pros and cons, some of which we will mention.


قفسه کتابخانه ثابت


  • Lower capacity compared to sliding track archive shelf
  • Need for aisles on both sides of the library fixed shelf and inefficient use of space
  • Low security and easy access, allowing anyone in the vicinity to take items easily
  • Waste of time due to the need to search in each of the aisles


  • Quick and easy access to books and magazines
  • Due to its simple structure, the library fixed shelf requires less repair and maintenance
  • Capability to increase or decrease length, width, and height, and even the possibility of mounting the library fixed shelf on the library sliding track shelf for use in library storages.


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