Moving and Fixed Pallet Racking System

Fixed Metal Shelf

A fixed metal shelf is composed of a number of uprights and shelves that are assembled using screws and nuts, retaining rings and pins, without wheels for mobility. Due to their resistance to heavy loads, moisture, and their stationary nature in aisles and industrial spaces like warehouses, stores, etc., they are used. This type of shelves is commonly utilized in environments with limited space where easier product accessibility is needed. Some fixed metal shelves are covered on three sides by side and back panels, and on the front by a door panel and lock kit, providing higher security compared to other shelving models. Importantly, fixed metal shelves are customizable and tailored to customer needs.

قفسه متحرک ریلی چند منظوره

Advantages of Fixed Metal Shelf

  • Easy installation and setup
  • High variety in shelves and their adaptability to different spaces
  • Ability to be installed from floor to ceiling in warehouses, optimizing internal storage space
  • Possibility to adjust length, width, and height, even mounting fixed shelves on mechanical assist sliding track archive shelves
  • High resistance to moisture, corrosive materials, and rust
  • Adjustable shelf heights, depths, and widths
  • Exceptional strength and resistance to impacts and heavy loads

Considerations Before Purchasing Fixed Metal Shelves

  • Select shelves based on internal environmental conditions
  • Choose shelves according to the geometric shapes of goods and their packaging
  • Order shelves compatible with the warehouse layout, inclusive of item placement and industrial equipment such as forklifts
  • Accessibility to goods based on product conditions like expiration dates, etc.

Purchase metal shelves based on the weight and quantity of items in each row.